Zoning Code | Procedures

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Affidavit of Correction An affidavit of correction is a legal instrument that is used to correct or otherwise modify a subdivision plat or certified survey map (CSM). The Village must approve any changes relating to areas dedicated to the public or any restrictions for the public benefit. Architectural Review The Village has established basic guidelines to regulate the design and materials used on the exterior of buildings. The Village Plan Commission acts as the Architectural Review Board. Historic Designation The Village of Germantown has prioritized protecting, enhancing, and maintaining sites of special character or special historical interest. Designation of a property can be initiated by the property owner, or by the Historic Preservation Commission with approval from the property owner. Berms The Village has established regulations for the location, design and appearance of new berms. Berms exceeding 3 feet in height must be reviewed by the Plan Commission. Certified Survey Map A certified survey map (CSM) is a map that is generally used to create 4 or fewer lots. A CSM can also be used to merge two adjoining lots or modify adjoining lot lines. Plan Commission Consultation Plan Commission Consultation Code Amendment / Rezoning The Village can amend the text of the zoning code and/or the Official Zoning Map (rezoning). Subdivision Plat Subdivision plats are typically used to divide a property in to 5 or more lots for development purposes. Proposed Subdivision Plats require approval of both the preliminary plat and, once the public improvements have been completed, the final plat. Conditional Use Although each zoning district is primarily intended for a predominant type of land use, there are some uses that may be appropriate under certain conditions. These are referred to as “conditional uses” and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Modifications Certain requirements may be modified through approval by the Plan Commission. See Chapter 17.50 Of the Village Zoning Code for specific provisions. Planned Development District (PDD) Planned Development District regulations are intended to permit greater flexibility and more creative and imaginative design for the development of a site than is possible under conventional zoning regulations. Sign Permit Sign Permits are required by the Village of Germantown with the intent to provide for and regulate the location and safe construction of signs in the Village in a manner that will ensure that signs are compatible with surrounding land uses, and to express the identity of individual proprietors and the community as a whole. Site Plan Site plan review is required for most commercial and industrial projects and for many conditional uses. The overall design of the site and the characteristics of the operation are the primary focus - the relationship of buildings to the site and other features, the flow of pedestrians and traffic within the project and beyond the borders of the project. Temporary Use A use that is of a limited and temporary duration not to exceed 6 months. Variance A property owner can submit a variance application seeking approval to not follow one or more standard in the zoning code. Zoning Compliance - Occupancy Permit Any time a new use of a property is proposed (including a new commercial business or owner) or modifications are made to a commercially zoned property, a Zoning Compliance/Occupancy Permit is required to be submitted and approved prior to occupancy.